Machine and process

We detail here the machine and the processes we regularly support in our machine. All other process need to be discussed with the staff member before being performed in the Centre.

Automatic goniometer
View of the machine

The machine is working

Brand/Model: GBX / Digidrop – MCAT Goniometer

Description: The GBX Digidrop contact angle measurement system allows to simply evaluate the wettability of the surfaces, directly related to their surface energy. Its use allows to rapidly and quantitatively analyze the effect of a plasma treatment, the surface state of cleanliness, etc. without damaging the surface which is only in contact with a drop of liquid (water or other liquid). The operation principle is quite simple: a drop is put on the substrate by means of a syringe and a mobile platform. The profile of this drop is then monitored with a camera and a software that allows an automatic extraction of the contact angle using different algorithms.

Person in charge: Chollet Franck

Authorized operators: yesUndergraduate yesResearch Student yesResearch Staff

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Contact angle measurement
Surface energy measurement

Note that when you are logged as a user, the process list includes the process cost.
The Booking cost is the cost when you operate the equipment yourself (and book it) while the Request cost is when a Centre Staff is performing the process for you.