Machine and process

We detail here the machine and the processes we regularly support in our machine. All other process need to be discussed with the staff member before being performed in the Centre.

Multi-material ICP-DRIE STS
View of the machine

The machine is working

Brand/Model: STS / MPO 562

Description: Reactive Ion Etching consists in exposing a substrate to a plasma coming from the ionization of wisely chosen gas species. In the case of deep etching, the plasma gets denser by means of inductances stimulated by signals at 13.56 MHz. This process is called ICP for “Inductance Coupled Plasma”. In this case, it is possible to achieve higher etching speed. This chamber is dedicated to etching many non silicon materials like Silica SiO2, Silicon nitride Si3N4, Pyrex, Gallium ortho-phosphate GaPO4, Langasite LGS, Langatate LGT, Fused silica, Quartz, Lithium niobate LiNbO3, Lead titanate PbTiO3, etc

Person in charge: Chollet Franck

Authorized operators: noUndergraduate yesResearch Student yesResearch Staff

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Note that when you are logged as a user, the process list includes the process cost.
The Booking cost is the cost when you operate the equipment yourself (and book it) while the Request cost is when a Centre Staff is performing the process for you.