This is the Request system for the machines in the clean room. If you have any doubt on how it works please consult the help.

Request can be made to ask the person in charge of a machine to perform a process for you if you are not authorised to use the machine. Select the process and then enter the thickness you need in the required unit and the number of wafer to process. For decreasing the fee we will charge you, use the empty slots in existing requests for machine supporting multiple wafers - the run costs will be spread over all the users/wafers!
- booking machine before using is compulsory for all users (the booking list is used to generate statistics on machine's use, schedule maintenance and charge users). Please don't forget or your membership will be revoked...


  • + Automatic goniometer (Max wafer capacity) - Chollet Franck
    • Contact angle measurement (1): h on wafer
    • Surface energy measurement (1): h on wafer
    • Training (1): h on wafer
  • + Multi-material ICP-DRIE STS (Max wafer capacity) - Chollet Franck
  • + Oxidation furnace (Max wafer capacity) - Chollet Franck
    • Oxydation Si (20): µm on wafers
    1 µm of Oxydation Si
    (1613 days old)
    3(Chollet Franck)1234567891011121314151617
    1 µm of Oxydation Si
    (1613 days old)
    4(Chollet Franck)12345678910111213141516
    1 µm of Oxydation Si
    (1613 days old)
    1(Chollet Franck)12345678910111213141516171819
  • + Silicon ICP-DRIE Alcatel (Max wafer capacity) - Chollet Franck
    • Si DRIE (1): µm on wafer
    23 µm of Si DRIE
    (2388 days old)
    1(Chollet Franck)
    45 µm of Si DRIE
    (2706 days old)
    1(Chollet Franck)
  • + Silicon ICP-DRIE SPTS (Max wafer capacity) - Chollet Franck
    1 µm of Training
    (2375 days old)
    1(Chollet Franck)